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Start Earning your NASFAA Direct Loan Credentialing!
What is NASFAA Credentials?
Limited to 50 participants.

NASFAA Credentials is a nationally recognized standard in financial aid training and allow you to earn recognition when you master a specific financial aid topic. There are currently 17 credential topics.
To be credentialed in Direct Loans you will:

  • 1) Review and study the guide you will receive by email prior to this workshop
  • 2) Take the credential test within 3 months of attending this workshop (Note: you do not need to be a NASFAA member to attend or take the test)

Our Master’s Leadership Participants are Debbie Cordova, Jessica Crotty, Kari Ellering, Sheila Krause, and Brad Reibel.

Attend our NASFAA Direct Loan Credentialing and start earning your NASFAA credential!
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
Time: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Where: Bethel University
Cost: Free to current 2017-2018 MAFAA members (NASFAA charges for credentialing, so take this opportunity to earn a free NASFAA credential)
Lunch provided on behalf of MAFAA
Limited to 50 participants.
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Statement of Purpose

“The Minnesota Association of Financial Aid Administrators (MAFAA) is an association of professionals committed to the principle that no one should be denied access to higher education for financial reasons.”